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Kitchen Wall Cover

  • Product Number:14862
  • Weight:60.000 (g)
  • Item No.:14862-Green
  • Unit:unit
  • Win Points:6
  • Market Price: RM10.90
  • Offer Price: RM6.50
  • Save: RM4.40

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Colour Item No. Price
Green 14862-Green RM6.50
Blue 14862-Blue RM6.50

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Material :import PET
Temperature of 150 degrees without distortion (Cannot too near the fire)
The kitchen is the most difficult to clean, especially the oil tile gap extremely difficult to clean up, the use of time is too long, kitchen tiles fade, affect the appearance, this kitchen wall cover solve this problem. This wall sticker is colorless and transparent, pasted, does not affect your original kitchen decor and colors, but also protect the tile so for a long time does not change color, and no matter how long you use, would not leave adhesive residue.
Kitchen gas stove next to the cooking area, easily spilled oil, where the tiles are the most likely to accumulate grease gap, the hardest part of cleaning, followed by washing dishes filled lake is also difficult to clean the place, paste this membrane, so that these tile region as a whole, to eliminate the gap tiles, cleaning, with a dish cloth, wiping point detergent, and washing dishes, like scrub (unavailable steel balls, high hardness cleaning cloth), very convenient .
~Japan and South Korea hot selling product~
Size :45*90CM
How to use:
1. Clean the wall.
2. Remove the white backing paper, affixed to the wall, preferably together they put greaseproof paper spread from the middle to both sides, if you are not satisfied with stickerscan be torn to repost.
3. If the area of the kitchen wall the bigger, can use 2 pieces.

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