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Clearance! Rolanjona~Milk Salt Cream (Whitening Soft Skin Type) 380g

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  • Weight:380.000 (g)
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  • Unit:Tube
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Product Expiry Date: 20 July 2018
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Milk Whitening Skin type :
Special add whole milk nutrition ( milk fat ) ingredients , mild, nutrition skin. Lactose and vitamin -rich , natural moisturizing and repair chapped skin , with natural sea salt , effectively improve the environmental impact due to the rough skin , yellow, black , dark skin , such as indecent , soothe the skin and external pressure , prevent fine lines , enhance capillary vascular permeability , the skin younger, more smooth and detailed .

[ Efficacy ]
Unlike traditional bath bath salts bath series products , which use the latest technology formula SPA of Italy , prepared from natural sea salt , hot springs mineral salts, active deep ocean water , rose oil , jojoba oil, chamomile , etc. made ​​four sets clean body skin large effects in one , through treatment, support , beauty care synchronized mechanism is clean body moisturizers fashion !
The purpose of natural sea salt rich in 4000 , effective care and nourish the skin, activating meridians , eliminate fatigue, remove the skin surface excess skin , dust, dirt , grease , etc., to improve acne , acne , large pores , skin inflammation and other minor skin problems while effectively relieve itching. Let your skin moments in relaxation , SPA!

Note : skin allergies , ulcers with caution !

Shower Massage: Take some applied to the skin and gently massage for 5-10 minutes after the rinse ( shower gel and soap substitutes ) .
Bath Massage: wet body , take the whole body immersed in water after a massage and enjoy the new SPA bath .

Bath salts experience:
1 . Cleansing bath salts
Apply a small amount of bath salts dissolved in the basin can act as cleanser, cleanser and other cleansing products , both fresh and clean and simple and easy . Oily skin after cleansing with bath salts can be achieved without cleansing lotion , firming , skin effect.
2 . When sauna sauna bath salts , the salt into the bag graze the skin, the body replenish the loss of both salt and cleansing beauty .
3 . Shower bath salts
The bath salts into the bag , hanging on the head , you can easily and quickly reach the skin effect ; taken with a pinch of salt body massage sponge , then rinse with water can also achieve the same effect.
4 . Bath salts beauty full and hot foot bath for 5 minutes, wipe the bath salts have thick parts, such as the heel, foot massage for 5 minutes, then clean water , then moisturize with lotion .
Salt can solve skin problems :
( 1 ) control oil secretion T zone : You can use fine salt put on the T-zone , three minutes after the break gently massage , and then use the middle finger squeeze massage done on both sides of the nose portion of the pores open from the bottom up .
( 2 ) removal of acne marks and uneven skin calm : with fingers stained with a little salt, acne marks or uneven parts in accordance with spiral massage three times , and then take sufficient salt deposited in the need to "solve" the site, too fifty-six minutes after the wash. Note: Do not massage the growing acne.
( 3 ) removal of rough skin and dark spots : the salt water wet hit in the face , massage for 1 minute , the same force and wash your face , the cheeks to the nose as the center of the large circle drawn from the bottom up . Then part of the pulp in a circular motion rub spots .
( 4 ) removal of underarm odor : salt has a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect , bath salts can be wiped directly in the armpit . Dip a piece of cotton available weekdays slightly lighter than seawater brine portable, ready to use it to remove the sweat.
( 5 ) removing the odor: wipe with plenty of coarse salt in the toes, between the toes and the soles of the feet part , and knead by hand 5-6 times , rest for 5 minutes after rinse with water .
( 6 ) back acne treatments : After bathing the body to fully warm , until the pores open more than wiping salt in the back. Use a brush to massage one minute , not too hard , as long as the salt can be moved between the skin and the brush . Then with a sponge dipped in salt water , attached to the back for 10 minutes, rinse with water .
( 7 ) salt to eliminate double chin : a lot of salt to wipe his right hand finger along the edge of the lower jaw and right cheek moved from the middle to the right ; Similarly, left fingers along the edge of the left jaw and left cheek move ; right hand alternating, rhythmic do 50 times. Then wipe with plastic wrap and put salt section wrapped with ribbon fixed , rest for 10 minutes after the water wash away , every day to do this once.


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