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Hot in Korea~Malian Eyeshadow Stick (18pcs/pkt)

  • Product Number:15515
  • Weight:15.000 (g)
  • Item No.:15515
  • Unit:set
  • Win Points:7
  • Market Price: RM15.90
  • Offer Price: RM7.90
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[Brand] Malian eyeshadow
[Specification] 18 pieces/packet

Fine soft brush , suitable to spread different eye shadow.
Head eyeshadow sponge texture closely for a small area of ​​color, can not afford to powder.
And both sides are color eyeshadow varying Oh, very thoughtful design , light side to the dark eye shadow , dark side to the light-colored eye shadow , eye shadow colors are easy to distinguish it :)

Makeup Partner: use eyeshadow eye makeup can make color uniformity and rich three-dimensional .
Use tips: good eye shadow stick to the surface is soft, " inner strength " so that it can draw beautiful eye makeup . Horizontal surface for painting large side can draw 2 mm wide natural eyeliner.
Cleaning Tips : Sponge stick after each use To the above powder eye shadow with a finger flick , bursts with warm water wash , dry naturally .
Maintenance: in a separate small box does not guarantee eyeshadow damaged or stained small crumbs , to avoid scratching delicate eyes.
Intimate reminder : 4-5 roots while preparing shadow stick , according to the division of color to them , you can save the number of times is not easy mixing and cleaning


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