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As Seen On TV~ Quit Smoking Zerosmoke

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Zerosmoke is a revolutionary new treatment that combines the advantages of systems that have already been used in auricolotherapy, but adds a technology that provides great success in treatment to end smoking dependence. Success in treatment to end smoking dependence. The two Zerosmoke magnets, when correctly positioned on the ear exert programmed, stimulating pressure that activates neurotransmitters and removes the desire to smoke.  May also be used to encourage weight loss by helping to inhibit the desire to overeat.

Package includes two magnets along with written instructions.
An All-Natural Treatment To Quit Smoking
Don't wear out or lose effectiveness
One time cost, lasts a lifetime
No pills, gum, or chemicals to ingest
Costs Less Than One Week Of Smoking
Safe Magnetic Auricular Therapy
Non-Allergic, 24k gold covering
Simple To Use
Weight : 61 gram

What is Zerosmoke ?

Zerosmoke uses two biomagnets to create a precise pressure point on the outer ear. Auricular therapy, as this is called, stimulates acupuncture points in the outer ear.

Zerosmoke uses magnets (rather than invasive needles normally associated with acupuncture) to activate the production of neurotransmitters in the brain to eradicate the desire to smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Zerosmoke?
To use Zerosmoke, simply place the two magnets on your left ear. The smaller magnet is placed in front of the ear and the larger one behind the ear. While on, the magnets are barely noticeable. There is NO piercing required. The inherent property of the magnets keeps them in place by attraction and there is no risk of them falling off.

How do they stay on my ear?
They stay together due to the attraction of the magnets.

If I find the magnet to be uncomfortable what should I do?
Wear the magnets only two hours a day and gradually increase the time.

Is it possible to place the magnets in the wrong place?
A diagram is provided in the material that come with the magnets.

Is it easy to use?
It is a treatment you can use by yourself at home without any worries and without having to visit a medical center or doctor's office. However, you should consult a Physician for treatment of an disease or health related conditions. You decide the time of day for applying the magnets that is best suited to you. It does not take time away from your activities.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE : Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps, or other electro-medical devices should not use the Zerosmoke product. Use should also be avoided during pregnancy. Keep magnets away from computer disks, audio/video tapes, and credit cards.
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