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Tai Chi Acupuncture Massage Shoes

  • Product Number:17038-Blue
  • Weight:350.000 (g)
  • Item No.:17038-Blue
  • Unit:Pair
  • Win Points:42
  • Market Price: RM53.90
  • Offer Price: RM42.00
  • Save: RM11.90
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Tai Chi Acupuncture Massage Shoes
Liberator of foot
Ready stock only male type, blue in color
Suitable : for 39-43   Length : 28cm
Material : Surface : cotton material Sole: EVA foam material,

The middle layer of PVC,  Soles massage layer is high-quality rubber, environmentally friendly non-toxic, soft and comfortable.
Packing : OPP bag (no color box)
Liberator of foot suitable for different age levels, to promote the growth of youth, longevity effect for older people. For young women, there are endocrine regulation, detoxifies function while office workers can remove mental pressure, improve sleeping, is a product that must ready in our family.
2.在施行脚部按摩后,强调至少喝500毫升温开水(严重肾脏病者不超过150毫升),其目的就是促进人体的新陈代谢。使体内的代谢 产物(病痛区锁产生的有毒物质)通过尿、汗液顺利排出体外,起到不津四布,五径并行推陈致新,却病强身的良好效应。
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