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Lip Hop Non-glue Double Eyelid Styling Cream 3g

  • Product Number:18713
  • Weight:30.000 (g)
  • Item No.:18713
  • Unit:Tube
  • Win Points:15
  • Market Price: RM27.90
  • Offer Price: RM15.00
  • Save: RM12.90
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~The price is for 1 tube~

* 100% Brand new.  
* Can be removed by eye makeup remover.
* They are NOT harmful to skin.
* 3g per tube with brush. Comes with FREE 'Y' applicator.

      Package Included:
1 tube(3g each) + FREE  'Y' applicator.

Can be directly applied and wash it with warm water. Some customer asked, after using this eye shadow can use it? YES! 
Super invisibility, not a eyelid tape, not a glue
Not reflective, natural look, does not affect the makeup
Suitable for single eyelid, inner double eyelid, and double eyelid shape unsatisfactory person
Maintain use everyday will become a permanent double eyelid
MAIN INGREDIENTS: Water, Phenoxyethanol, cellulose gum, squalane.
TEXTURE: Gel Cream

To firmly applied along the lash roots which want to formation of double eyelids. Gently spread evenly in the eyelids, let cream on the eyelid has a certain thickness. But cannot too thick, otherwise it will look fake, those are not familiar can try a few can master their own way up. If cream dries already and feel support is not enough when open eyes, you can apply a second layer after the first layer is completely dry. Please note that we have to wait the first layer is completely dry only can apply for second layer. Do not open your eyes When cream is not completely dry.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types

Frequently Ask Question: 
Q: Is this double eyelid glue? Stick or not? Can apply eyeshadow after apply this? 
A: It's not a glue. Glue type is sticky even after dries and cannot apply eyeshadow. This eye cream completely non-stick after dries, does not affect the makeup. 
Q: What's the difference and advantage between eye cream and eyelid glue and eyelid tape?y 
A: Eye cream can say combines the advantages of double eyelid glue and tape improved version, and more invisibility than the eyelid tape, more dry than double eyelid glue, and easy to use.
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