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Amoorea~Toxin & Fat Removal Patch

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No pills, No diet, No Shake!!!

Safe Detoxification and Fat Removal Patch


After 28 years of intensive research, Japanese medical experts have proven that the gum from oak and birch trees posses special detoxifying effects. These gums are extracted and processed at high temperature together with other natural ingredient, ground into powder from and packed into sachets. This is the century detoxifying plaster. Its miraculous effects have brought forward good health and slimming effects to millions, and it has become a popular product in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and South East Asian countries as a natural detoxification and fat removal product.


Main Effects

1. Detoxifies and removal fats naturally.

2. Activates cells.

3. Relieves fatigue of the feet

4. Relieves edema and pain.

5. Helps sleep.

6. Removes wastes accumulated in the lymphatic system of the body, improves lymphatic functions and body immunity.



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