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Environment Protection Stapless Stapler 11173

  • Product Number:11173
  • Weight:62.000 (g)
  • Item No.:11173-Red
  • Unit:unit
  • Win Points:5
  • Market Price: RM6.90
  • Offer Price: RM5.00
  • Save: RM1.90

Please select: Colour

  (stock 9999+)
Colour Item No. Price
Red 11173-Red RM5.00
Black 11173-Black RM5.00
Green 11173-Green RM5.00
Blue 11173-Blue RM5.00
Orange 11173-Orange RM5.00
White 11173-White RM5.00

Environmental Protection Stapless Stapler

Packing Size:5.5*5*6cm

Material :Quality ABS


钉书针我们每天都要用到,但是你有没见过不用针的环保订书机?这个小创意产品正如你所看到的,只要您从订书机顶部简单的压下,纸张便轻易的被订在了一起,无需订书针! 而且使用次数超过30000次以上。

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