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5 Layer Adjustable Height Shoe-Lifts Inserts Insoles 11274

  • Product Number:11274
  • Weight:155.000 (g)
  • Item No.:11274
  • Unit:Set
  • Win Points:9
  • Market Price: RM14.90
  • Offer Price: RM9.50
  • Save: RM5.40
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Professional manufacturers, the export-level quality, increased special silicone pad


Material: flexible silicone

: The massage pad increased pad

        Insole width: 6.5cm men and women sharing

Improve center of gravity, from the invisible slope with increasing the role of flat heels.

 Three layers: 2.5 cm

   Four layers: 3.3 cm

  Five layers: 4.0 cm

Put in flat heels to improve the center of gravity, can play the role of the invisible slope with increased.

For usually standing a long time, for every day to go for a long time and long-distance walk, wanted to make

  Their height was significantly high

To participate in a variety of public places that height or want to own more higher, dating to the other party to stay

  Under relatively satisfied with the impression

Blind date, dating, participate in their loved ones, friends, weddings, participate in performances, go to an important meeting to participate in the recruitment interviews and other occasions

  When sub-significant dwarf

Leg is shorter than the upper body significantly more high Tiao, one leg than the other leg seemed to have short

 Applies to all men and women sports shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, allowing you to immediately increased

 Reusable, soap and hand wash, air dry.

Height adjustable, and the height of the shoes, mat insole, increased more than 6 cm, and very

  Soft and comfortable

 Not be deformed, will not wear, can be different styles of shoes turns pad, durable, bought one pair increased

  Insoles, allowing you to chin up the confidence to increase a hundredfold

 Washing method: warm water, gentle hand wash, air dry, reusable, long-term use does not deformation flattening


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Non-member customers Say: 13-10-23 00:33
does 1 quantity means 1 pair or do i need to buy 2 quantity to get 1 pair??
管理员[helen]  Reply: 13-10-23 09:39
Hi dear, 1 quantity is 1 pair, thanks. :D
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