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High Waist Kotsuban Spats Slim Hip Pants

  • Product Number:12086
  • Weight:120.000 (g)
  • Item No.:12086-Beige-M-L
  • Unit:Piece
  • Win Points:39
  • Market Price: RM55.00
  • Offer Price: RM39.00
  • Save: RM16.00

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Colour Size Item No. Price
Beige M-L 12086-Beige-M-L RM39.00
Black L-LL 12086-Black-L-LL RM39.00
Black M-L 12086-Black-M-L RM39.00
Beige L-LL 12086-Beige-L-LL RM39.00

High Waist Kotsuban Spats Slim Hip Pants

100% Japan Quality
100% Japan Design

Product Description   
"haiuesutokotsubansupattsu blak M-L" is a Correction underwear to support the pelvis leggings. Woven material to refresh your stomach with makeup. Hold the pelvis three-dimensional wave from the side. Cools and tridimensional hip is pumped out. It protects peach and the makeup. Woven material and prevents off. Mixing germanium, titanium, and silver.
How To Use
1 Please wear off from the side of the waist to support, and each. (If the product is inside the tag hip.) 
2 Pull the lower part of the back of thigh meat and pull up to the buttocks. According to the crotch part firmly with both hands, pull up the waist part. 
3 This product conditions the distortion, please, sagging.
Please discontinue use if it is not suitable for your skin. 
Do not pull with your nail as it may get torn. Please take care when putting the camisole on. 
When used for a long time, please remove excessive tightening and is appropriate? 
Please be reminded that the actual product may differ from the pictures shown due to printing. 
Please avoid using drying tumbler.
Material Quality
85% Nylon, 13% polyurethane, 2% cotton 
Contains germanium, titanium, and silver are kneaded into the dough.
M -L : Waist 64-77cm (25-30") / Hip 87-100cm (34.3-39.4")
L - LL : Waist 69-85cm (27-33.5 / Hip 92-105cm (36.2-41.3")



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