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As Seen On TV~Memory Foam Shoe Insoles for All Sizes 12265

  • Product Number:12265
  • Weight:55.000 (g)
  • Item No.:12265
  • Unit:pair
  • Win Points:8
  • Market Price: RM10.90
  • Offer Price: RM8.00
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As Seen On TV~Memory Foam Shoe Insoles for All Sizes

Massaging memory space Insoles

Inkpad insoles, Massaging memory space Insoles. print to protection of your foot, super-decompression

Usage: Full-foot style insole • Washable, easy to clean • reusable

package: one x pair

Material: EVA material memory foam cushioning material

Color: White

Product Size: all code (the size of the free cut, insoles have cut lines)


    increase mitigation  of the burden

   make softer , more comfortable

     effectively absorb the impact of the foot and protect the foot health

    various shapes fit all shoes

Many types of foot pain cause by discomfort shoes, but many of us always choose style before comfort. How can we get both comfort and style? may be the solution for your satisfaction.  

You may have read that the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. However, as we age, our feet tend to lose the fatty deposits that cushion the bottom of our feet. The extra weight we gain also effects the structure of bones and ligaments, and cause our feet to develop Arthritis, gout, heel spurs and countless other problems that can also add to our foot pain. Our offer unbelievable comfort to your feet.  

•      Relieves pressure on the ball of the foot, bunions, swollen feet and joints.
•      Prevents heel shock by cushioning every step!
•      Supports your
•      Increases stability by cradling your foot and preventing foot roll  
Once wearing our memory foam insoles, you'll feel like walking on air with this precision engineered material. The top layer is of the insoles are made of pressure-relieving, conforms perfectly to your foot's shape for the most comfortable fit and support. The bottom layer provides extra cushioning and protection. Place the insoles in any pair of shoes to support your arch, stabilize your heel, absorb shocks and provide custom comfort from heel to toe.

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