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㊣YAZILAN~Lightning Thin Slimming Cream 300ml

  • Product Number:13258
  • Weight:350.000 (g)
  • Item No.:13258
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Yazilan Lightning Thin Slimming Cream 300ML Efficacy
Promote blood circulation and body metabolism and accelerate fat breakdown.
Inhibit the body's absorption of fat, improve physical fitness obesity, so that a successful weight loss.
Contains natural plant ingredients of their skin rosy, whitening, smooth and elastic.
A wide range suitable for the waist, abdomen, legs and arms and other large parts of fat accumulation.



按摩膏的好处:促 进血液循环和肌体的新陈代谢,加速脂肪的分解,抑制细胞对脂肪的吸收,改善肥胖体质,使减肥一次成功,其蕴含的天然植物成份能使肌肤红润,嫩白,光滑而富 有弹性,广泛适用于脸,腰,臀部,大小腿和手臂。(注意:一般最好都不要用在脸部,脸部皮肤最最敏感,一般不是专用于瘦脸的产品都不要用在脸部)


~Below is printing and packing of new stock, same ingredient with previous packing~^_^

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