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Rolanjona~O-Water Moisturizing Face Mask 35g/pcs

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Rolanjona~O-Water Moisturizing Face Mask 35g/pcs 
Face mask:
Effect: Oxygen skin natural hot spring water contains a variety of nutrients needed: mineral trace elements,
Bicarbonate ions, such as vitamin B5, soothing, moisturizing the skin, maintain skin fine
Cellular metabolism of oxygen. Make your skin like immersion in the blue waters, with no
Limited life. Containing natural snow grass, seaweed extract: not oil-free moisturizer,
Fresh and natural without stimulation. In-depth nourishment, not only can the skin to lock moisture, more
Continued to replenish moisture, long-lasting moisture, water of tender skin.
How to use :  

Stretch the  the facial mask to suitable size according to the facial profile,extend it onto face,and buckle it with the ear, carefully press it with fingers to make it perfectly attach onto face,remove the remained essential toner with cosmetic cotton or clear water 15-20 minutes later.

It is applicable for any skin.

Tips 1.one pce for one day for the first three days,after three days,you can according to the skin condition. Immediate anytime, anywhere to the skin to improve conservation.
2, when used in cold weather, mask bags can be put in 50C warm water soak for 5 minutes before use; in hot weather use, the mask can be put in bags in the refrigerator before use.
Use when you feel more comfortable, more beautiful, better.
3, can be used in the shower, or hot towel after 10 minutes use, the full expansion of facial pores, but also help the skin absorb the nutrients in the mask.
4, using the same time, you can enjoy your favorite music, or reading a favorite book while enjoying Lu Lan Gina brings the perfect mask changes in life more splendid scene.

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