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  • Product Number:14329
  • Weight:280.000 (g)
  • Item No.:14329
  • Unit:set
  • Win Points:19
  • Market Price: RM25.90
  • Offer Price: RM19.00
  • Save: RM6.90
  (stock 9999+)
[Size] Diameter 10 * Height 9CM 
[Material] Anion pellets 
[Packing] Color box 

It is 100% non-chemical and good for sensitive skin users.

Save your expenses on utility +washing detergent+time+money, you MUST get one and you will love using it.

It is highly recommended for commercial laundry use.

Save your costing, raise your profit; starting using washing ball NOW.

It`s an amazing product that you must possess one.

Function of Magic washing ball = washing detergent + softener + disinfected detergent+No lessive

It can be used over 1000 times and it stays in the washing machine.

The efficacy of magic:
1.Laundry ball recycled, with a superior detergency and de-odor, bactericidal effect.
2.For clothing and fibers, particularly high-end clothing, will not cause damage, washed out clothes, soft, bright, no peculiar smell. , No static, no chemical residues, no damage to the human body, wearing comfort.
3.With a super sterilization can kill E. coli, isolated bacteria, mold and other harmful bacteria, so that clothes cleaner to prevent the spread of germs.
4.Can effectively remove the water fluoride, chlorine and other harmful substances, to prevent harm to human health


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