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Clearance! Rolanjona~Eight Cups Of Water Mask 35g/pcs

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Product Expiry Date: 2020-04-10
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Usage: After cleansing, mask expand to cover the entire face, wait 20-30 minutes, remove the mask and rinse with water. Use 2-3 times a week. Use daily is better.
The main effect: moisturizing moisturize and nourish the skin brightens the complexion
Main ingredient: Lu Lan Gina eight glasses of water nutrition spa mask contains the world's three spices of the "Peppermint" ingredients. Mint itself has a cooling effect, applied to the skin, first of all there is a sense of cool, after a slight stab burning sense of such a cool feeling is not allergic, and the Department stimulate the nerve endings of the cold sensation receptors caused. Individual users reflect the use, I felt the eye skin irritation, facial cold, then reddish fever reflection are normal. Mint itself in the case of edible plants, the skin does not cause any adverse reactions. Please rest assured that use. If it gets into eyes, immediately rinse with water.


Paste clothes draping, making facial every inch of skin to absorb moisture factor quickly direct skin deep, play a strong moisturizing effect and keep the hydrogel glossy, skin like to drink eight glasses of water; rapid increase in skin moisture , while promoting regeneration of skin tissue.

1 Open the packet remove the mask, the surface film either side of spreads in the face with your fingers gently press it nicely against your face;
2 Pt on the face for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes, the best time for the skin to fully absorb the surface film of the essence, if necessary, you can extend the surface covered time;
3 After using of the mask, a little massage until absorbed, then rinse with water;
4 General daily maintenance, can use it one or two times a week; special strengthening and maintenance.

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