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Hot~4-in-1 Multi-function Pore Cleaner

  • Product Number:14612
  • Weight:390.000 (g)
  • Item No.:14612
  • Unit:Box
  • Win Points:35
  • Market Price: RM42.90
  • Offer Price: RM35.90
  • Save: RM7.00
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Five functions in the daily maintenance of the facial skin before doing the most effective cleaning, bid farewell to all face problems, meet flawless skin!

★ 4 types interchangeable connectors, five kinds of new experiences
▲ skin surface cleaning sponge
▲ pore cleansing brush
▲ facial skin massage
▲ acne attract Clear
▲ moisturizing spray

Unique tip: strong suction, does not damage the skin, can the internal pores blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes sucked out. Achieve thorough cleansing effect.

Brush head: When go out back, face will be with a lot of dust, you can use this brush to gently remove dust without damaging your skin.

Sponge Tip: When you need to clean the face, they can use a little cleanser on the sponge, a more thorough cleansing and health.

Ball head: in peacetime and after cleansing, use this ball head, can massage the facial skin, shrink pores.

1. Suck Black Head Function: you want to have a clean face? Particularly hot and humid season, the easiest acne facial pores, oil, blackheads, spots, wrinkles, dark blue, rough skin, dark gray, so you this must have pore cleaner, to help you recover a  clean face, often the face of the pores. acne, oil dirt sucked out, with a strong thermal low suction head design, small nozzle suction nose-specific, large suction head for the face-specific, suction head can be pulled out clean.


geeliah Say: 14-01-03 12:49
dengan item ni msh banyak stock..? nk bgtau dropship..nti die syok je jual, tak tanya ada stock ke tak terus bankin..haha..:D
管理员[helen]  Reply: 14-01-03 13:10
Hi dear, ni dah xde stock, tq :)
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